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Quick Overview

Quick Overview

Motor: 230 V, 50Hz
Input: 120 W
Grinding stone size: 200 x 40 mm
Stone grid: K 220
Weight approx.: 9.6 kg
Rotation speed: 120 rpm

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Model: wg 8
Motor: 230 V, 50Hz
Input: 120 W
Grinding stone size: 200 x 40 mm
Stone grid: K 220
top-quality grindstone with
grinding grains of aluminium oxide
Leather honing wheel Ø: 200 x 30 mm
Weight approx.: 9.6 kg
Rotation speed: 120 rpm
Correct grinding and honing is an art in and of itself. Without training and experience, costly mistakes can be made and expensive tooling
ruined. This wet stone sharpening system offers superb professional results and a razor sharp finish every time. Achieve sharpening efficiency with this wet stone sharpening system which is easy to use, even for the beginner. Ideal for the home and small workshop and with a comprehensive range of accessories, it is perfect in producing sharp cutting edges to knives, scissors and tools.
See below for accessories included as standard equipment. The 8” Wetstone Sharpening System offers superior technology for professional results every time – even if you are a novice.
• Industrial induction type motor for long-lasting smooth performance
• Includes a special stone containing grain of aluminium oxide to achieve the perfect grinding results at a much faster time. Also ideal for HSS tools.
• Includes jig for knives
• Includes jig for straight edges, plane irons, ripping chisels
• Includes Angle setting jig for measuring exact angles and settings
• Break proof water tank
• Removable Leather Honing wheel. After sharpening, it removes the burr to give you a smooth edge.


W89490103 – Honing wheel part (included)
W89490702 Leather Honing wheel (included)
W89490703 Honing paste (included)
W89490706 JIG 55- round turning & hollow turning tools holder
W89490707 Stone grader
W89490710 Jig 160 Scissors
W89490712 JIG 40 – Axe Sharpening
W89490713 Diamond Stripping tool
W89490715 Blue stone for wg08 (included)
W89490716 Jig 70 -straight edge (included)
W89490723 Jig320 – for straight edges up to 320mm ( for planer blades)